Where Are We Headed in Atlanta Real Estate 2013?

Rental-Housing-Market-Trends-2012-Jan-2012In a recent survey by CNN Money, many economists “…identified a housing recovery as the primary driver of economic growth this year.”  Home sales in 2012 were the strongest in the past five years.  Low interest rates are credited for stimulating housing demand to increase 15% from 2011 through 2012.

Here is an article from an Atlanta intown paper forecasting real estate market trends for us for 2013. In addition to the popular intown historic neighborhoods, the paper states, “Other communities are showing higher than average activity, too, most notably Buckhead and North Atlanta, including Milton and Johns Creek. All of these areas have what people want: convenient location, good schools, proximity to key employers and a variety of lifestyle choices.”

Inventories of homes for sale are low. Most of our buyers are looking for homes in great shape–doing their best to avoid short sale scenarios which may take time.  It is a great time to sell because buyers need more feasible, ready-to-go options.


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